Former lab members

These are the people that grew our lab to what it is today.

Carina Daun

Research assistant (2021), studies Psychology at University of Halle-Wittenberg (B.Sc.). New to neuroscience and still searching for a topic she wants to focus on. Interested in sensory processing and dismantling the complexity of human perception. Into swimming, heated discussions, and spicy pho. 

Johannes Roth

Master student (2020), worked on applying neural network interpretability techniques on the human brain to investigate what exactly causes neural activation in the visual system. Wants to own a giant orchard with a chicken coop one day. Went on to found a startup.

Johannes Singer

Master student (2020), worked on the representation of abstract object depictions (e.g. drawings) in the human brain and deep neural networks. Interested in multivariate analyses of electrophysiological data and the temporal dynamics of visual processing. Loves to make and get lost in music. Went on to do a PhD with Radoslaw Cichy.

Julia Norman

Student assistant, evaluating preprocessing and statistical pipelines for the analysis of large-scale fMRI data. Finds joy in dancing, swimming, and teaching her 3-year-old to snorkel.