Former lab members

These are the people that grew our lab to what it is today.

Carina Daun

Research assistant (2021), studies Psychology at University of Halle-Wittenberg (B.Sc.). New to neuroscience and still searching for a topic she wants to focus on. Interested in sensory processing and dismantling the complexity of human perception. Into swimming, heated discussions, and spicy pho. 

Jonas Perkuhn

Master student / Research assistant, Student of Psychology (M.Sc.) at University of Leipzig. Research Focus: object categorization, systems neuroscience. Interested in cacti, lemons, and the differences between them.

Julia Norman

Student assistant, evaluating preprocessing and statistical pipelines for the analysis of large-scale fMRI data. Finds joy in dancing, swimming, and teaching her 3-year-old to snorkel.